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Dec 11, 2013, 1:03:36 PM12/11/13
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The error you are seeing seems to be an IBM OS error and Not WOW:  SQL0901   
We have seen this periodically when a customer's system SQL package is corrupted or "full".  See the article below:  

1st try to restart WOW, if this fails to solve the problem, let me know and there are a few other actions we can perform.  


On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 8:43 AM, Scott Cassmeyer <> wrote:

I’ve been using WOW70 for about two weeks now and it was working fine until I loaded another program on my AS400 to test and compare to WOW70.   


I loaded WebSmart ILE from BCDSoftware and now I get the following error when trying to start the wowbuilder. 


An error has occurred during the initialization of WOW

Use the information contained in this page to correct the error. You will then have to restart the server for your changes to take effect.

The error message reported by WOW was:
[SQL0901] SQL system error. Cause . . . . . : An SQL system error has occurred. The current SQL statement cannot be completed successfully. The error will not prevent other SQL statements from being processed. Previous messages may indicate that there is a problem with the SQL statement and SQL did not correctly diagnose the error. The previous message identifier was CPF4204. Internal error type 3107 has occurred. If precompiling, processing will not continue beyond this statement. Recovery . . . : See the previous messages to determine if there is a problem with the SQL statement. To view the messages, use the DSPJOBLOG command if running interactively, or the WRKJOB command to view the output of a precompile. An application program receiving this return code may attempt further SQL statements. Correct any errors and try the request again.

Check the complete list of initialization parameters for any errors:

  • PJ_JDBC_OPTIMIZATIONS: ;naming=sql;date format=iso;errors=full;extended dynamic=false;translate binary=true;trace=false
  • PJ_SYSTEM_URL: jdbc:as400://
  • PJ_CLEAN_UP_TIME: 9800
  • PJ_AUTO_RUN: false
  • PJ_PASSWORD: ****

Whether this has to do with installing another program on my system, I’m not sure.  If you could give me some troubleshooting tips, I would really appreciate it.


I haven’t bought any product yet and was just trying to compare products before purchasing.




Scott Cassmeyer

Systems Analyst/Programmer

Midwest Products Group

221 Bolivar Street Suite 200

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573-635-7206  x151


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