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May 25, 2018, 4:45:58 AM5/25/18
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I see that the observer/forecaster at Leeming is reporting present weather 05 'haze' in their 0700 UTC observation this morning.

When I started work there almost 48 years ago now that would never have been the case.

Leeming was always smoke central back then, and with winds in the north or northeast or from the south it was always present weather 04 smoke haze, and none of the 05 haze that was always reported in southern SYNOPs by the likes of Heathrow or Gatwick. 

The use of 04/05 present weather was almost a cultural thing, and the boundary between its use extended from the Wash to Birmingham, south of that line smoke haze was rarely reported outside stubble burning.

I realise that things are much cleaner these days, but I would like to bet that much of that haze is industrial in origin, either from Teesside or imported from our friends in Europe.

Brian Wakem

May 25, 2018, 4:53:24 AM5/25/18
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What's going on with your website?  It hasn't been updated for a few weeks and it seems down this morning.


May 25, 2018, 6:02:08 AM5/25/18
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I'm having a bit of a hiatus at the moment which might become permanent.

You're the first person to have noticed, which shows what a big effect that I'm having.

Posting the occasional chart or graph on the forum is so much easier!

Len W

May 25, 2018, 6:09:03 PM5/25/18
to Weather and Climate
I noticed Bruce the dormancy of your blog a long time ago but thought you were just taking a well earned break.
Your analyses are always interesting.
Shame if you stop, but I understand they can be quite time consuming.
I think posting on this forum when you feel like it is good and people can easily reply or comment.


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