The coldest since the beast from the east

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Len W

Jan 10, 2021, 2:22:04 PM1/10/21
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Had -3.6°C in my screen as a min last night.
Coldest since the Beast from the East episode when it dropped to -5.2°C on 1st March 2018.
Now the Azores High is going home. Thank goodness for that.
It has been cold for quite long enough.


Julian Mayes

Jan 10, 2021, 2:58:28 PM1/10/21
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Len, I was struck by how cold it was at Culdrose last night.     Min to 06h -4.5C but min to 09h -5.5C.   I don't know if Graham is around but I am sure that he would be able to comment - it seems to stand out, though I guess it could be quite different to Camborne (only just below zero IIRC).  Very few places in the UK were colder.    


Len W

Jan 10, 2021, 4:38:18 PM1/10/21
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Yes, that's a weird one.
All I can guess is that Culdrose is an exposed airfield site.
Certainly more exposed than my garden.
And it was a windless night.

We'll have to wait for Graham's view. He's the expert on Cornwall's climate.


Graham Easterling

Jan 10, 2021, 4:46:55 PM1/10/21
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Down in Penzance it was -1.0C, not as cold as 7th (-1.8C). It has been almost calm, and Culdrose is away from any maritime effect with what wind there was being NE last night.

I drove out to Sennen this morning (I care for my autistic daughter so am allowed to drive short distances to a quiet spot). The police were turning back any people from east of Penzance at the car park entrance, I'm pleased to say, I actually had quite a nice chat with the policeman. 

On the way I was struck by just how much the temperature fluctuated. To the nearest degree based on my car thermometer, which is pretty good, it was 2C just outside Penzance.  1C & still very icy at Catchell (where the Porthcurno road leaves the A30 for anyone with Google Earth), then 1 mile further on at the top of Tregonebris it was 6C. Arriving at Sennen, where there was a F1-2 onshore breeze it was 7C.

The visibility was just outstanding, it's many months since Scilly has been so clear.    

It was lovely on a near deserted beach.


From a weather & sea state perspective you can see the  scouring of the beach exposing rocks to the right, just above the most recent high tide line. Recent days have really seen the sand piling up, the big concave shaped bank of fresh golden sand.

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