Julys getting drier? I think not.

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Len W

Aug 6, 2022, 9:48:33 AMAug 6
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Last year we had 146 mm in Wembury during July.
This year just 6.2 mm.
A highly variable month for rainfall.

July trend.png

Graham Easterling

Aug 6, 2022, 11:00:00 AMAug 6
to Weather and Climate
I know, certainly as far as SW England  is concerned summer's have tended to become slightly wetter as well as warmer, but of course, that's not 'on message'.

I think that one of the most disturbing things about global warming, is that predictions have a habit of not materialising. So the north Atlantic conveyor hasn't shut down, Summers haven't actually shown a drying trend in much of the UK, and scientists queued up to explain why Antarctic ice increased a few years back, but sadly after it it happened.

The fact that we haven't got a handle on the feedbacks and that the effects in different parts of the globe are so hard to predict, make it even more imperative that we take some sort of action, but most politicians don't give a toss, and it's all rather too late. 

Still time to stop buying supermarket CO2 & plastic wrapped food though. UK waste is being recycled (dumped) in Indonesia where the recycling plants don't even exist yet, it's just dumped.

Middle of the Pacific, plastic rafts to the distant horizon.


When I was a boy, the main beach pollution was lumps of tar from ships on the way to Milford Haven washing out their tanks. Now, if the winds onshore, there's more plastic on the beaches than seaweed most of the time. When seaweed rafts come ashore, much of it is now plastic.

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