"Quite a cool feel under that cloud and rain"

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Jun 13, 2019, 9:57:25 AM6/13/19
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It never fails to astound me just how many TV weather presenters (or should that be broadcast meteorologists) can play down cold weather events in the summer. 

They don't mind giving us all the stats on how much rain has fallen or is expected to fall, but when it comes to cold temperatures they either say nothing, or come out with a rather inane comment as Kirsteen MacDonald did today on the BBC weather.

Conversely, when it's very warm they go on endlessly about hot it's going to get, or that temperatures are actually higher here than in Spain or Greece, but they seem to have little understanding about just how cold it's been by day this June.

So why not just come out and say it - it's a cold day - and in some places where it's raining it's very cold.

If I've got my figures right - negative anomalies like this across the country are pretty striking in anyone's book for mid June.


As many of you may know I'm a strong proponent of using anomaly charts - either actual or forecast - in TV weather broadcasts. 

This post won't make their use anymore likely to happen - but at least I've got it off my chest!


Jun 13, 2019, 11:11:24 AM6/13/19
to Weather and Climate
I agree, but to be fair Helen Roberts did say 'temperatures way below average' on todays forecast on UK Met Office website.

It is of course not as good as your map showing just how much below average.

They need to re-employ you to add substance to their presentations.

Much appreciated Bruce though by us weather nuts in this group.


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