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Apr 22, 2018, 7:19:22 AM4/22/18
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I fired an email off to the Met Office enquiries desk the week before last, but as it looks like I'll get no reply from them, I thought I'd post it to the forum in the forlorn hope that someone else has noticed and might know the answers: 

Can anyone in your observations section tell me anything about a fixed buoy called '03380' that's been producing an hourly ship report for some months now. It seems to be very close to Spurn Point  and curiously the call sign that it uses would be very close to the WMO numbers assigned to nearby land stations in the area (03396).

The other thing you might may be able to help me with is what ever happened to the SYNOPs from 03498 Tibenham? It seemed to work for a number of months last year but has now ceased observing.

I think this is the approximate position of 03380.


Apr 22, 2018, 7:47:39 AM4/22/18
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03380 is a genuine fixed buoy.
03498 (Tibenham Airfield) - aware that there is a problem with missing observations (last observation received 1800z 15/04/2018)

148m AMSL for hourly reports (no wind measurement currently)


Apr 22, 2018, 9:10:39 AM4/22/18
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The 03380 must be an OGIMET thing because it only started to appear in my downloads in 2014.
The wind speed is defective and it never reports a SST, or is where it's anchored still classed as the River Humber?

I'm sure that there was a Humber Lightship at one time, there certainly was a Spurn Lightship, and further out there was an Inner and Outer Dowsing, all long gone.

The Tibenham observations did appear for a while, but not at all this year - I wonder if the Met Office stopped making it available by moving it to another bulletin that OGIMET don't get, you obviously have a better data source than I do :-)
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