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Sep 24, 2021, 9:54:46 AMSep 24
to Wazuh mailing list
Hello guys,

I need to rename wazuh kibana app in kibana, please suggest me any solution.

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Raul Del Pozo Moreno

Sep 24, 2021, 3:35:30 PMSep 24
to Wazuh mailing list
Hello YNWA

To achieve this you must do the following (I will assume that you are using the latest version available: v4.2.1 and 7.10.2)

The file to modify is (public/plugin.ts): 

Specifically the lines: 


Download the wazuh-packages repository to generate a new custom app:

git clone && cd wazuh-packages/wazuhapp && git checkout v4.2.1

Add the following to the Docker/ file in the download_wazuh_app_sources() method (depending on what you want to change):

To modify the title:     sed -i "s/title: 'Wazuh'/title: 'YourTitle'/g" ${kibana_dir}/plugins/wazuh/public/plugin.ts
To modify the label:   sed -i "s/label: 'Wazuh'/label: 'YourLabel'/g" ${kibana_dir}/plugins/wazuh/public/plugin.ts


Generate the package, this will create a custom package in the output folder in the same directory where the script has been executed.

./ -b v4.2.1-7.10.2

At the end you will see a message like this, as this is created in a container, the package is transferred to your machine since a volume is used, you will see the generated package in an output folder



Now we have to stop the Kibana service

systemctl stop kibana.service

Uninstall the plugin

cd /usr/share/kibana
sudo -u kibana bin/kibana-plugin remove wazuh

Install the custom plugin (assuming you have copy/move the package to /usr/share/kibana), where is the generated package

cd /usr/share/kibana
sudo -u kibana bin/kibana-plugin install file:///usr/share/kibana/

Clear your browser cache (depends on your browser), now you should be able to see the changes:


The generation of the package is documented in this link:

Another way to build the package is to follow this documentation, modifying the file that I mentioned at the beginning: 

Regards, Raúl.
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