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Fauvel Christophe

May 5, 2022, 3:45:53 AMMay 5
to WaveDrom
Hello everybody,

First, many thanks to the author of this tool, it's awesome !

I have one question regarding the register fields text size. If I use the snippet below, text of both fields and vertical lines are kind of "mixed together". It's only happening for one bit fields with text greater than 2 characters. How can I decrease the size of the text a bit to have a much clearer display and/or add spacing ?
{reg: [
  {bits: 1, name: 'RST', type: 5},
  {bits: 1, name: 'RUN', type: 4},
  {bits: 30, type: 1},
], config:{bits: 32}}

Best regards,
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