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Joop Kiefte

Mar 15, 2018, 7:47:32 PM3/15/18
to Wave Protocol
How hard would it be to have a lightweight version of Wave that would basically work like an etherpad-link, so just create a new wave by creating a new link, and sharing that with people? That is something that I seem consequently to miss the most, as new means of communication are adopted etc. I think such a project/product can also kindle interest in the code to get the original goals somewhere, and generally I think skinning down the code to something manageable and easy to get into is very helpful to get anything useful done with the codebase. How it is now is hard to get into, the development system is aging, and many things that Wave pioneered have found other implementations in society. I don't think we should completely throw away the old goals, but I think by having a much leaner system, we can probably try things like piggyback on ipfs, steem etc for p2p instead of old-style federation, and moreso, we can start building wave technology into the system of the day.

Please shoot on this idea and maybe we can have something actually going. How simple would we be able to get everything?

Yuri Zelikov

Mar 17, 2018, 10:07:44 AM3/17/18
to Wave Protocol
First of all - you can take a look at SwellRT, I think they did exactly what you suggest: threw away the GWT client and wrapped the client-server protcol into a javascript API that allows manipulation of stateful objects. There's also a sample use example - a demo pad.
However, I feel that writing a new full-fledged client that supports Operational Transformation from the scratch and also scales is a very hard task. So, the question is: what is the goal of this project? 
Regarding storage backend: I was thinking a lot on this. My idea is - we need to separate the server backend and the underlying storage backend, make it pluggable. Thus those who just want a corporate storage server can use a centralized simple and effective storage, while those who want censorship resistance - something that store the deltas on a blockchain/IPFS.

Mar 18, 2018, 1:58:05 PM3/18/18
to Yuri Zelikov, Wave Protocol
Hi, I am the developer of Yuri is right, swellrt it is a general purpose API over Wave's protocol. I also develop, a collaborative pad built with swellrt.

Regarding Yuri's thoughts, I agree with them. Moreover I would like to think in Wave more like a OT library, that could be use inside other projects.

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