watchdog not triggering on specific file creation events

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Brian Cherinka

Mar 30, 2014, 4:24:02 AM3/30/14

Does watchdog's "trigger event on file creation"  depend on anything specific to how the files are created?  I'm finding a discrepancy between when files are saved into a directory by an external program and when they are copied into the directory.  

I'm using watchdog to monitor a directory, trigger off new files created in that directory, and then it runs a bunch of other scripts for those files.  However I'm having a strange problem.  I'm monitoring one directory where new files are saved into it by an external program over time.  Watchdog does not trigger when these files appear in the directory.  However I'm running a separate instance of the program which monitors a 2nd directory, and when I copy the files into this directory, watchdog triggers as expected and runs the code.      

I'm running this on a Linux machine.  

Any ideas?  

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