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HI folks:

I have been doing some research and brainstorming on how to make Open Streets a waste free event. Scott Krueger suggested i contact honey bucket (the company that rents portable toilets and also items for special events where food is served) https://honeybucket.com/what-we-offer/.  They have a  Food Vendor Sink trailer for rent that has 2 sets of 3 compartment sinks for washing dishes. It also comes with a hot water tank and propane tanks for heating the water. It rents for $1000 per event but you have to pay for delivery from Salem and have to pay for the gray water to be pumped and hauled away which costs about another additional $400. They might be able to provide us with a package deal for less. 

My thinking is that we can use dinnerware, cups and utensils from Green Girl (I need to still check to make sure Green Girl is okay with that) and have the Boy Scouts do the dishwashing. The big question is how to pay for the dishwashing trailer and accessories. Do we charge a small fee for anybody buying food? Or, since the vendors will not have to pay for throw away containers maybe they can chip in some?

If we want to make upcoming events where food is served a truly waste free event then we need to figure out how to pay for it. 

One idea is to apply for a DEQ grant to buy a dishwashing trailer like the one Honey Bucket rents out.  The Open Streets event this year could be a trial effort  to see if it can work.

There are lots of questions that need answers but at least the ideas i have put forward in this email is a starting point.

I would love to get some feedback and other ideas. 


Greg Fitzpatrick
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