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Jun 29, 2010, 4:17:09 AM6/29/10
to Warwickshire Open Data
Here's my hack warwickshire entry...nearly finished but a few bugs and
styling issues: http:www.utopiamultimedia.com/hack

The frontpage is a mashup of news from different organisations
including Warwickshire CC. The feeds are stored locally, then checked
when accessed by a user. If they are more than 30 minutes old the
server will retrieve the latest feeds from their respective websites
and overwrite the local copies.

New news stories are flagged as new for the first 2 hours after
publish date.
The search queries the description and title of the RSS feed.

The article content in the news RSS feed was pretty desperate so I've
scraped the article from the Warwickshire website, and the same for
Warwickshire Police (no description at all in their feed!). I've
pretty much scraped all the local gov news feeds as the content wasn't
brilliant... but left the newspaper feeds alone... didn't want to get
in to trouble on that one!

All Articles contain links back to their RSS feed, and the website
they originated from

The Wired TV is a mashup of Warwickshire CC, Enjoy Warwickshire &
Warwick District Council Vids from YouTube. The framework will also
take Vimeo vids. Again, the feeds are stored locally and then checked
when a user queries them.

The Activities and Events should be finished in the next day or so....
It takes the Enjoy Warwickshire activities database (http://
and searches the Warwickshire Events database for events located
nearby.... it needs styling and tweeking, but the majority of the
content is there.


Jun 29, 2010, 4:20:05 AM6/29/10
to Warwickshire Open Data

For some reason the link didn't link! You'll find my entry at
http://www.utopiamultimedia.com/hack, but might have to copy and past
the link into your address bar


Jun 29, 2010, 5:46:23 AM6/29/10
to Warwickshire Open Data
Great, thanks for your entry, it has been logged. Goog luck!


On 29 June, 09:20, MattAitch <m...@utopiamultimedia.com> wrote:
> For some reason the link didn't link! You'll find my entry athttp://www.utopiamultimedia.com/hack, but might have to copy and past


Jun 30, 2010, 4:49:31 AM6/30/10
to Warwickshire Open Data
I did some tinkering last night. The activities and events are a lot
cleaner now, and the enjoy warwickshire activities DB is querying the
WCC events database quite nicely.
I've also got rid of the nasty error which was causing the page to
crash if an events couldn't be found.

The drop down menu on the activities and events page is working, and I
have recategorised some the vids in WiredTV as they were flagged as
news vids instead of general vids.
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