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ben zhu

Nov 14, 2008, 1:13:28 AM11/14/08
to,,,,,, be21zh@googlegroups, beinzh@googlegroups, ChinaDemocracy@googlegroups,,, wardzh@googlegroup, warwinzh@googlegroup
it has been almost 9 years since i registered myself on and left it aside. for recently i tried qq, a Chinese mainstream im, a lot to justify domestic service, i interested in if my old icq account still valid. to my astonish, i logon icq easily after nearly 10 years without login. i deeply favored by icq policy to respect its customers. in the next 2 days, i registered my baby, warren, hope of China, an account with icq after my baby nodded it. then i explored icq service, and found its more or less versatile, including blog(or microblog), groups, personal homepage, and so on. most of its features and their design let me doubting QQ, a Chinese im previously in title of oicq, just a copycat. i launched at once to create all my family groups on it, and fine tuned them to open for visitors. i really love the stylish design of icq, otherwise, its content in fact not so formidable.
these days i also tried to explore QQ's service, it boast the world largest im community. i open my blog on it, in title of qzone, even i despised it. but at lease it has a large audience in China. so i tried to make use of its group function. after several days' censors, i got my 2 alumni for my senior middle school and my college. i changed their title to more applicable, and would enjoy discusses or guests gathering here.

the day before yesterday, i dealt with a interim proxy to hand in fee for extending my ownership over my current domain,, with the vendor, , all went smoothly, under China surveillance's gaze. it cost me 575.7 rmb, including the remit charges. i really felt my cyberspace building more meaningful now and on.

ok, here r my loots on vary sites:

with QQ:
qq校友 - 朱子卓
qq校友 - 1984黄高 天下主家
qq校友 -南开哲学87 国运正当时
qzone - benzyrnill, 天下主家

with icq:

benzrad - icq
warrenzh - icq

warranzh, China under fire baptism - Groups -
warrantzh, arms China to safeguard world - Groups -
warwinzh, save China from fire-baptism - Groups -
wardzh, treat China in its nightmare - Groups -
be21zh, bring China abreast 21Century - Groups -
benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly - Groups -
faezrland, 天下主家 - Groups -
China Democracy - Groups -
oneizh, one China of one Chinese - Groups -
imakeit, shoulder the world - Groups -
beinzh, burning people in destructive - Groups -
emake, dream to fly - Groups -

my domain: 
my icq profile :

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