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Welcome to the Warp 10™ users group!

We encourage you to participate and share your experiences or questions with the rest of our growing community.

For those of you unfamiliar with Warp 10™, it is an Open Source platform designed for managing and analyzing sensor data as produced by the IoT or for monitoring purposes.

Warp 10™ has been in development since mid 2013 and is already used by customers in very different fields, proving its robustness, performance and rich set of features.

Warp 10™ is actively developed by SenX™ which provides commercial support, training and PaaS offering around Warp 10™. SenX™ website is at https://senx.io/.

You can read all about the Warp 10™ platform at http://www.warp10.io/

Please use the english language for all messages posted to this group.

We wish you the best journey ... at Warp 10