WAPA Event on February 28, 2024 - The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA) Presents: Disciplinary Standards for Professional, Practicing, and Applied Anthropologists

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Cortney Rinker

Feb 16, 2024, 4:37:28 PMFeb 16
The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA) Presents: Disciplinary Standards for Professional, Practicing, and Applied Anthropologists

Wednesday February 28, 2024
7:00-8:30pm EST


Cathleen Crain, LTG Associates, Inc

Erica Hawvermale, Syracuse University’s D’aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families

Niel Tashima, LTG Associates, Inc

Riall Nolan, Purdue University

Tanya Rodriguez, Hormel Foods Corporation

Matt Stoffer, Booz Allen Hamilton

About the panel:

Professional, practicing, and applied (PPA) anthropologists represent the rising majority of the discipline. Increasingly, new, young, and transitioning anthropologists are looking beyond the academic world to the development of careers in the government, nonprofit, and private sectors.

For the discipline of anthropology, this movement presents several critical challenges. The first is the quality preparation of new/young anthropologists for working effectively and successfully in the world. The second is supporting those PPA anthropologists who were not prepared but have struck out into the world; for all, ongoing professional development and support is essential.

Good skills training is one important aspect of preparing PPA anthropologists for working in the world. Another, and fundamental issue to be addressed in this growing world of PPA anthropology, is of providing informed standards for professional work.

Frequently, PPA anthropologists do not have peer anthropology groups with which they engage. This often means that individuals are functioning alone in professional settings, using the skills gained in their academic training, to address issues and contexts not foreseen in their preparation. Clearly, this creates a variety of potential perils even as individuals encounter important opportunities for using the skills and tools of anthropology. Critically, they lack a clear set of professional standards to guide their work.

The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA), the professional and practicing arm of the American Anthropological Association, has undertaken the development of professional standards. The standards are intended to both guide individuals and to encourage the engagement of PPA anthropologists in ongoing training as well as to stimulate PPA discussions of professional work and practice.

Join us for a presentation and discussion of NAPA’s new Standards for Professional Anthropology. NAPA's Professional Development Committee has developed these guidelines to reflect the work of PPA's across many sectors and industries. Hear from panelists including Cathleen Crain, Erica Hawvermale, Niel Tashima, Riall Nolan, Tanya Rodriguez, and Matthew Stoffer. This webinar will introduce the Professional Standards and welcome Q&A during a 90-minute presentation.

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