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MAYDAY:Bliar and Bush, Neo-Con Poodles

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May 1, 2004, 7:01:07 AM5/1/04
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A policy document entitled 'A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing
the Realm'(1996) prepared by US policy-makers - many now in Bush's
administration - shows that the war against Iraq is driven by Israeli

Robert Fisk: The case against war: A conflict
driven by the self- interest of America

The men driving Bush to war are mostly former or still active pro-Israeli
lobbyists. For years, they have advocated destroying the most powerful
Arab nation. Richard Perle, one of Bush's most influential advisers,
Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton and Donald Rumsfeld were
all campaigning for the overthrow of Iraq long before George W Bush was
elected if he was elected US President. And they weren't doing so for
the benefit of Americans or Britons. A 1996 report, A Clean Break: A New
Strategy for Securing the Realm (http://
called for war on Iraq. It was written not for the US but for the incoming
Israeli Likud prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and produced by a group
headed by? yes, Richard Perle. The destruction of Iraq will, of course,
protect Israel's monopoly of nuclear weapons and allow it to defeat the
Palestinians and impose whatever colonial settlement Sharon has in store.,7792,785394,00.html

At first glance, there's not much to distinguish the 1996 "Clean Break"
paper from the outpourings of other right-wing and ultra-Zionist
thinktanks ... except for the names of its authors.

The leader of the "prominent opinion makers" who wrote it was Richard
Perle - now chairman of the Defence Policy Board at the Pentagon.

Also among the eight-person team was Douglas Feith, a neo-conservative
lawyer, who now holds one of the top four posts at the Pentagon as
under-secretary of policy.

Mr Feith has objected to most of the peace deals made by Israel over the
years, and views the Middle East in the same good-versus-evil terms that
he previously viewed the cold war. He regarded the Oslo peace process as
nothing more than a unilateral withdrawal which "raises life-and-death
issues for the Jewish state".

Two other opinion-makers in the team were David Wurmser and his wife,
Meyrav (see US thinktanks give lessons in foreign policy, August
19). Mrs Wurmser was co-founder of Memri, a Washington-based charity that
distributes articles translated from Arabic newspapers portraying Arabs
in a bad light. After working with Mr Perle at the American Enterprise
Institute, David Wurmser is now at the State Department, as a special
assistant to John Bolton, the under-secretary for arms control and
international security.

A fifth member of the team was James Colbert, of the Washington-based
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (Jinsa) - a bastion of
neo-conservative hawkery whose advisory board was previously graced by
Dick Cheney (now US vice-president), John Bolton and Douglas Feith.

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