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MAYDAY:#Whopper with Bacon: "Iraq has ties to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda!"

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Apr 30, 2004, 7:13:10 AM4/30/04
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Quoted from Michael Moore's 'Dude, Where's My Country?'

#Whopper with Bacon: "Iraq has ties to Osama bin Laden and
al Qaeda!"

As if having the atomic bomb, nerve gas and the bubonic plague in
a bottle wasn't enough, suddenly Saddam Hussein was in cahoots
with the Mother of All Terrorists himself, Osama bin Laden! I'm
sure you had the same reaction I did when you heard: "How much
worse can it get? When can we get rid of this Saddam guy?"

Just hours after the attacks on September 11, U.S. Secretary
of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had already figured out who was
responsible, or at least, who he wanted to punish. According to CBS
News, Rumsfeld wanted as much information as possible about the
attacks, and told his fact-finding team to "go massive.... Sweep
it all up. Things related and not." He already had intelligence
indicating a connection to Osama (whom he called "Usama"),
but he wanted more because he had other goals in mind. He
wanted intelligence "good enough to hit S.H. [Saddam Hussein]
at the same time. Not only U.B.L."


I say Osama, you say Usama ... and Rumsfeld just says the magic
word "Saddam" and before you know it, everyone else was saying it,
too! Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark had said that he received phone calls
on September 11 and in the weeks after from people at "think
tanks" and from people from within the White House telling him
to use his position as pundit for CNN to "connect" September 11
to Saddam hussein. He said he'd do it if someone could show him
the proof. No one could.

During the buildup to war in the fall of 2002, Bush and members of
his administration kept repeating the claim, keeping it uncluttered
by specifics (also known as "facts") so it stayed nice and simple
and easy to remember. Bush circled the country at campaign stops
for Republican congressional candidates, inseminating the minds
of the American people with the bogus Saddam/Osama connection in
a continuous loop. Check out just one week's worth of serial lying:

"This [Hussein] is a person who can't stand America. This is a
person who has had contacts with al Qaeda."

George W. Bush, Alamogordo, New Mexico, October 28, 2002

"He's a threat to America and he's a threat to our friends. He's
even more of a threat now that we've learned that he he's
anxious to have, once again, to develop a nuclear weapon. He's
got connections with al Qaeda."

George W. Bush, Denver, Colorado, October 28, 2002

"This is a man who cannot stand what we stand for. He hates the
fact, like al Qaeda does, that we love freedom. See, they can't
stand that. This is a guy who has had connections with these
shadowy terrorist networks."

George W. Bush, Aberdeen, South Dakota, October 31, 2002

"That's the nature of this man. We know he's got ties with
al Qaeda."

George W. Bush, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, November 1, 2002

"We know that he's had connections with al Qaeda."

George W. Bush, Tampa, Florida, November 2, 2002

"This is a man who has had contacts with al Qaeda. This is a man
who poses a serious threat in many forms, but catch this form,:
He's the kind of guy that would love nothing more than to train
terrorists and provide arms to terrorists so they could attack
his worst enemy and leave no fingerprints. This guy is a threat
to the world."

George W. Bush, St. Paul, Minnesota, November 3, 2002

"This is a man who can't stand America and what we believe in. This
is a man that hates some of our closest allies. This is a man
who has had al Qaeda connections."

George W. Bush, St. Louis, Missouri, November 4, 2002

"This is the kind of guy we're dealing with. This is a man who
hates America, he hates our friends, he can't stand what we
believe in. He's had contacts with al Qaeda."

George W. Bush, Bentonville, Arkansas, November 4, 2002

"this is a man who cannot stand America, he cannot stand what
we stand for, he can't stand some of our closest friends and
allies. This is a man who has got connections with al Qaeda."

George W. Bush, Dallas, Texas, November 4, 2002

Just in case we missed the point, Bush continued to hammer it home
in his State of the Union address on January 28, 2003: "Evidence
from intelligence sources, secret communications, and statements
by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and
protects terrorists, including members of al Qaeda," Bush insisted.

Immediately following the address, a CBS online poll found that
support for U.S. military action in Iraq increased.

A week later, on February 5, Bush's claims were echoed by Secretary
of State Colin Powell in a lengthy address to the United Nations
Security Council. After detailing what Powell said were Iraq's
numerous failures to comply with weapons inspections, he moved
on to the Saddam/Osama connection: "But what I want to bring to
your attention today is the potentially much more sinister nexus
between Iraq and the al Qaeda network, a nexus that combines
classic terrorist organisations and modern methods of murder."

But the meat of the administration's "evidence" had already begun
to turn rancid. During the same first week of February, a British
intelligence report leaked to the BBC said there were no links
between Saddam and Osama. The two evildoers had tried to form a
friendship in the past, but it had turned out like a great episode
of Blind Date - they hated each other. According to the report, Bin
Laden's "aims are in ideological conflict with present-day Iraq."

On top of this, the al Qaeda poison and explosives factory Bush
and his team claimed Saddam was harbouring was located in northern
Iraq - an area controlled by Kurds and patrolled by U.S. and
British warplanes since the early nineties. The north of Iraq
was out of Saddam's reach, but within our own. The base actually
belonged to Ansar al Islam, a militant fundamentalist group whose
leader had branded Saddam Hussein an "enemy." A tour of the base
by a large group of internationalist journalists quickly revealed
that no weapons were being manufactured there.

But none of that mattered. The president had said it - it had
to be true! Yes, this whopper worked so well that, in the months
leading up to the war in Iraq, polls showed that up to half of
Americans said they believed that Saddam Hussein had ties to Osama
bin Laden's network. Even before Bush had served up his 2003 State
of the Union address, and Powell had presented the Saddam/Osama
"evidence" to the U.N., a Knight-Ridder poll found that half of
those questioned already incorrectly thought that one or more of
the 9/11 hijackers held Iraqi citizenship. Bush didn't even have
to say it.

The Bush administration had succeeded in perpetuating one of the
biggest lies of all time, confusing Saddam with Osama in the
minds of the American public. Once you sell the people on the
notion that Saddam had a hand in the mass murder of nearly 3,000
people on American soil, well, even if the bogus weapons of mass
destruction whopper didn't hold up, this would be enough to get
the flags waving and the troops a-packin'.

Of course the problem with this whopper - other than it is a
cynical, premeditated fabrication - is that Osama bin Laden
considers Saddam to be an infidel. Hussein committed the sin of
creating a secular Iraq instead of a Muslim state run by fanatical
Muslim clerics. Under Saddam, Baghdad had churches, mosques and,
yes, even a synagogue. Hussein had persecuted and killed thousands
and thousands of Shiites in Iraq because of the threat they posed
to his secular government.

In fact, the biggest reason Saddam and Osama didn't like each
other is the same reason the Bushes stopped liking Saddam: the
invasion of Kuwait. Bush & Co. was pissed because Saddam was
threatening the security of our oil in the Gulf, and Osama was
pissed because it brought American troops to Saudi Arabia and the
Musliim holy lands. That's bin Laden's biggest problem with us -
and it's all because of Saddam!

Saddam and Osama were mortal enemies and they could not put their
mutual hatred aside, even to join together to defeat the USA. Man,
to not team up when it meant destroying the Great Satan Bush -
THAT is a lot of hate.

from Michael Moore's 'Dude, Where's My Country?'

"Iraq War Combo Meals":

#1 The Original Whopper: "Iraq has nuclear weapons!"
#2 Whopper with Cheese: "Iraq has chemical and biological weapons!"
#3 Whopper with Bacon: "Iraq has ties to Osama bin Laden and
al Qaeda!"
#4 Whopper, heavy with the Pickles and Onions: "Saddam Hussein
is the world's most evil man!"
#5 Whopper with Freedom Fries (and American Cheese): "The French are not
on our side and they may be our enemy!"
#6 Whopper Combo, Extra Lettuce: "This is not just the United States going
to Iraq. It is a Coalition of the Willing!"
#7 Junior Whopper Kids Meal: "We are doing everything possible
so that no civilian lives are lost."
#8 Whopper, Hold the Mayo: "We are there to protect the oil fields
of Iraq!"
#9 Double Whopper with Cheese and a Coke: "The American media
has brought you the truth about Iraq!"
#10 Triple Whopper, Biggie Size: "We didn't lie. And we're not
lying now to cover up the lies we told you before."

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