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Apr 30, 2004, 1:07:12 PM4/30/04
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A resource file for Labour Party members who disagree with their MP's
stance over the Iraq crisis

From March 2003, Labour MPs will have to make what may be the most important
decisions of their careers: whether or not to support the Prime Minister
as he commits Britain's armed forces to what President George W. Bush has
called the "battle for the future of the Muslim world" (National Security
Strategy of the United States of America, 20 September 2002, p.34). This
is a battle that will begin in Iraq with the devastation of that country,
in which the United Nations predicts that "30 percent of children under
5 would be at risk of death from malnutrition" (Integrated Humanitarian
Contingency Plan for Iraq and Neighbouring Countries, 7 January 2003, p.3;
note: 30% of under-5s = 1.26 million children). The Secretary-General of
the United Nations has said that an attack on Iraq without the approval
of the Security Council "would not be in conformity with the Charter" of
the United Nations, and "would cause great human suffering, [..] may lead
to regional instability and economic crises; and [..] lead to unintended
consequences producing new threats and new dangers" (Secretary-General's
press conference, 10 March 2003).

The British government has provided the United States with the support
that President Bush requires in order to sell the war to his own
population. Opinion polls in the United States show that he would
have the support of only around one-quarter of the US public if he
cannot win the participation of his allies (eg., Pew Research Center
findings of 16 January 2003). Therefore, the position of the UK -
and thus of the members of Tony Blair's own parliamentary party -
is critical for the future of the Middle East, international peace
and stability, and the lives of the people of Iraq.

Many Labour MPs have spoken privately of their lack of support for the
plans for war, but have remained loyal in public to the Government's
line. Many of these MPs have continued to adopt Tony Blair's techniques
of deceit to justify their stance to their constituents and constituency
parties. This site identifies those Labour MPs who continue to back
the Government's stance in the face of overwhelming public opinion
and the lack of a plausible case for war. It provides details for
Constituency Labour Parties on how to change their Labour Party
candidates for the next parliamentary election - a process that must
be completed by September 2003 - if they consider their MPs' stance
to be sufficiently duplicitous or irrational on this crucial issue.

This site has been put together entirely by members of the Labour
Party who are opposed to war. We do not come from the same "wing"
of the party, nor do we have any joint aspirations for reshaping
the Labour Party in a particular way, other than to terminate its
involvement in the war. For consistency, we have also decided to
include details of Labour MPs who have declared themselves to be
against the war, and of MPs who do not sit on the Labour benches.

We may be able to provide speakers for CLPs on request, if a CLP is
seriously considering the position of their MP. We'd also be delighted
to receive feedback, including information that clarifies the position
of particular MPs. Please contact us on or by
telephone on 07880 665731.

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