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MAYDAY:What Bliar believes

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Apr 30, 2004, 9:12:06 AM4/30/04
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I believe that it is right to have a strong authoritarian government
that dictates from the top and that the clear will of the British public
should be disregarded and ignored. I believe that it is right for the
most powerful man in Britain to engage in lies, duplicity and deception to
pursue the radical fundamentalist biblical insanity of the Neo-Conservative
American regime.

I believe that it is right for strong authoritarian governments to
ignore the will of the international community, to damage and insult
the authority of the United Nations and to engage in illegal wars on the
pretext of defeating terrorism. I believe that this is the right thing
to do and that sometimes you have to bomb the hell out of people to get
them to do what you want.

I believe that it is right to whore Britain and its soldiers to the
desires of the Americans and Zionists with a callous disregard for the
effects on world stability and peace.

I believe that the sanctimonious bullshit that I spout will win through -
as it always has - and that the British Labour party and public will not
recognise Me as the lying psychopathic serial killer and war criminal
that I am.

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