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MAYDAY:Moore on Bliar

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Apr 30, 2004, 6:32:05 AM4/30/04
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Michael Moore's 'Dude, Where's My Country?' recognises war criminal and
Neo-Con poodle Bliar's prominent role in the illegal, immoral and unprovoked
war against Iraq.

Mr. Blair. Without you, Bush would have had to attack Iraq alone. But he
needed at least one major ally to make it look like it wasn't just the
Americans doing the nasty deed. The American people were against it all
along. Once you hopped on board, Bush had the cover he needed. You made
that happen. You are the one that gave us the Iraq War. I hold you more
responsible for this mess than little Georgie. You see, Georgie is an idiot -
but you, sir, are not. You know better.


What is your excuse for leading your people into this lunacy? Did you really
think taht you would get away with it? Your people read! They think! They
discuss politics! They know where Iraq is! Did you think you were leading a
nation of Americans? It really appears you've gone mad. And then, to have
set your dogs on some poor man who was just following his conscience in
telling the BBC the truth - how do you sleep at night?

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