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MAYDAY:Michael Moore 'Dude, Where's My Country?'.

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Apr 30, 2004, 7:01:07 AM4/30/04
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Quoted below is a small part of Michael Moore's discussion of Resident
Bush's lies in his 'Dude, Where's My Country?'. I met Michael Moore once
and gave him my autograph ;) Michael Moore's website

Michael Moore 'Dude, Where's My Country?' p42

As the lies that led us into the Iraq War started to unravel and be
exposed, the Bush administration went into survival mode with their only
defensive manouver: Keep repeating the lie over and over and over again
until the American people are so worn down they'll scream "uncle!" and
start believing it.

But nothing can hide this indisputable fact: There is no worse lie than
one told to scare mothers and fathers enough to send their children off to
fight a war that did not need to be fought because there never was any real
threat at all. To falsely tell a nation's citizens that their lives are in
jeopardy just so you can settle your own personal score ("He tried to kill my
daddy!") or to make your rich friends even richer, well, in a more just world,
there would be a special prison cell in Joliet reserved for that type of liar.

George W. Bush has turned the White House into the Home of the Whopper,
telling one lie after another, all in puruit of getting his dirty little
war. It worked.

I like Whoppers. Flame-broiled, juicy, chock-full of onions and lettuce and
loads of secret ingredients. They're big too; bigger than a Big Mac. You
don't even need to say "biggie size it, please" because it's already so
damn BIG. But I know Whoppers are bad for me, so I've given them up.

George W. Bush likes whoppers, too. His are HUGE. Texas-sized. They're cooked
up by a whole crew of people, and then he delivers them. And the American
people gobble them up. One whopper after another. Big, juicy ones. And
they go down nice and easy! The more the people eat, the more they want,
and the more they think like Mr. Bush. They begin to believe everything he
says because his whopers are just so irresistable good.

Bush's whoppers are available in all shapes and sizes and
configurations. Allow me to present to you the tasty menu the Whopper-in-Chief
served up special just for you. I'll call them "The Iraq War Combo Meals":

Michael Moore's "Iraq War Combo Meals":

#1 The Original Whopper: "Iraq has nuclear weapons!"
#2 Whopper with Cheese: "Iraq has chemical and biological weapons!"
#3 Whopper with Bacon: "Iraq has ties to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda!"
#4 Whopper, heavy with the Pickles and Onions: "Saddam Hussein is the
world's most evil man!"
#5 Whopper with Freedom Fries (and American Cheese): "The French are not
on our side and they may be our enemy!"
#6 Whopper Combo, Extra Lettuce: "This is not just the United States going
to Iraq. It is a Coalition of the Willing!"
#7 Junior Whopper Kids Meal: "We are doing everything possible so that no
civilian lives are lost."
#8 Whopper, Hold the Mayo: "We are there to protect the oil fields of Iraq!"
#9 Double Whopper with Cheese and a Coke: "The American media has brought
you the truth about Iraq!"
#10 Triple Whopper, Biggie Size: "We didn't lie. And we're not lying now
to cover up the lies we told you before."

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