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BIG CON NEO-CONS:Bliar destroying the Labour party.

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May 17, 2004, 9:11:24 AM5/17/04
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It occurs to me that Blair & co. realise that New Labour is finished
and are trying to destroy any support for the Labour party.

Bush's pursuit of his imperialist agenda will reflect badly on
Blair whether the UK is involved or not since Blair and Bush are
so closely associated - and it looks as though Blair wants to take
part!!!. Then there are Blair's other anti-democratic tendencies
e.g. the fully-appointed House of Lords, ignoring the huge anti-war
demonstration and the ridiculous argument with the BBC. I've not even
started on his lies yet.

It's the psychopathic New Labour serial-killers that I hate and there
will be thousands more like me by election time.

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