ELEMNT incorrectly interpolates and replaces 0 speed and power samples

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Drew Eckhardt

Mar 14, 2016, 10:58:27 PM3/14/16
to wahoo-ele...@googlegroups.com

My ELEMNT's "smart" drop-out detection is triggering when it should not and synthesizing non-zero values for speed, power, and heart rate.  Note the traffic light stop around 3 minutes.

Given a zero value it should record it.  Given no data it should record "no data" and let the application decide how to handle that.

This also means that moving time and average power in analysis software is incorrect.,
ELEMNT: 2:05:54, 2:05:51 time riding, 88W, 666kj,2.6 minutes @ 0 power, 0.2 minutes @ 0 speed, 6.2 minutes < 5 MPH
Edge 500: 2:05:52, 1:54:54 time riding , 81W, 610kj, 21.5 minutes @ 0 power, 11.7 minutes @  0 speed, 12.6 minutes < 5 MPH

I'm using a PowerTap SL+, Garmin GSC-10, and CycleOps 2.4 GHz coded heart rate monitor which I'm not sweating enough to keep damp on this recovery ride:


Wahoo Murray

Mar 15, 2016, 6:37:17 AM3/15/16
to Wahoo ELEMNT users
I don't think this has anything todo with any dropout handling, If you are stopped at the lights we are still getting data from the PowerTap. We will have a look at the data and see whats going on.


Vincenzo Iaciofano

Mar 15, 2016, 7:19:14 AM3/15/16
to Wahoo ELEMNT users
Maybe it is related but when i stop pedalling i have the wahoo rpm aswell as the hear rate strap and I noticed that the rpm still counts on the elemnt. I have seen as high as 150 plus rpm when I am not pedaling. I thought at first it was the rpm, maybe now its the elemnt?
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