Two skate repair and alteration questions

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Beth Fuehrer

Mar 8, 2024, 9:52:57 AMMar 8
to VTNordicskating
Hello group!  First of all, thanks for adding me as a member, I've been lurking and reading for a long time, and it's great to finally join here and be able to chime in occasionally.

I have two questions here, one regarding possible skate repair, and one about altering a new pair of skates.

First, the repair question.  
Late this season, I had walked out to Rosetti for a scouting skate, and when I went to pull my skates apart to put them on (they were clipped together with some magnetic Lundhags clips), one blade completely pulled off the rest of the skate.  !!!  I had actually gone for a short skate already that morning, and I was just so relieved that they hadn't come apart when out there somewhere.
These are Lundhags skates that are over fifteen years old.  Upon inspection, there's a little bit of JB-weld looking epoxy in the slot, but that's it.
So the question of course is:  can I epoxy them and use them again, or is that craziness?  The other skate- pull that one apart and epoxy that one, too?  
Would something like JB weld work, or would there be a better choice (3M 5200?) Given the temperature and vibration considerations?

Second, the adjustment question.
I feel like this all needs to be preceded with an apology, esp. to Diana Hanks with her love for sharpening perfection, and I hope I haven't committed a cardinal sin here, but...
I purchased a pair of Nordic Skater (I think made by Zandstra?) skates this year.  I like them, but noticed after I used them the first time (and I confess I didn't look at the blade shape closely when buying, which was a mistake), the 'nose'  or front of the blade wasn't a smooth curve, but rather.. angled.  For lack of a better description.  My old skates have a smooth curve to the front of the blade, and the 'ride' or the way the new skate behaved on the ice was quite different, and it seemed clear that this was the difference.
When my old skates gave up, and suddenly I needed to use the new ones, I ended up going to Ace Hardware in Malletts Bay, buying a fine metal file, and (carefully!) taking the 'edge' off the angle in the toe part of the blade, to get a more round shape going.
I did use these skates quite a bit, and I definitely improved the issue, but I think they could possibly use some more shaping.
I do have a jig.
Any thoughts/advice?  Has anyone else dealt with this?

Thanks in advance for reading or for any advice!  This group is so wonderful, thank you to all you folks who keep it going!

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