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Evan Perkins

Apr 2, 2023, 7:04:26 PM4/2/23
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I had an errand that got me within a half an hour of the lake this afternoon, I went up to check it on a whim with skates in car . I put in at the fish and wildlife access at the johns river on the east shore in Derby I believe. I skated about 20 miles from there
both south and north up into Canada. It appears that the whole lake is able to be skated. There are rough areas where there are snowmobile tracks, there are a lot of tracks on this lake. The ice is generally bumpy, but it was smooth near the shore lines, however, because that was sandwich ice from water flooding in from the open shorelines I generally could not skate the shoreline this afternoon, but they will be good in the morning . Although the ice is bumpy, kind of having the texture of pounded, copper in many places, although smoother in some , it is the kind of ice you can move right along on without worries of tripping.
     There is plenty of lake to skate right out of Newport Vermont, although there is a large patch of open water in the bay near Newport, there are very few sections of open water on the rest of the lake besides  for shallow areas between islands and shore lines. except for those areas I did not find any thin ice particularly. The most beautiful section of the lake is the middle section in Canada. I don’t really know about put ins up there, but if I was only going to skate part of the lake, that would be the part, I would try to skate .
      If you are intending to cross the international border on the ice, I’m not exactly sure what the specific regulations are about that so probably worth checking in with border patrol. although this may not be the smooth as ice that will be available to skate tomorrow morning, it may be the biggest.  as always hoping for one last long, Skate, Evan.

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