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Tom Keane

Mar 6, 2024, 11:46:29 AMMar 6
to Michael Hall, Robert O'Brien, VTNordicskating

Hi Mike and Rob -

Yes, happy to discuss. (off-list) Copying the list here with some new general info.

But, caveat, I'm a bit out of date.. the last inline race I did was probably 2006 or so.

One factor in choosing a race to attend, esp. if you have to fly there, etc., is the participation/attendance.

While I loved A2A, I did it in an era when we had several hundred people racing. In 1999, if I'm remembering the year correctly, we had more than 800 (across several distances).
Now, scanning the results, the numbers are much much lower. This affects several aspects -- the support that can be afforded, the safety (although one might argue that several ways), and of course, the camaraderie.

You've already noted the dearth of events. These are the few surviving races from what was once a thriving - if ephemeral -- ecosystem.

Another possibility to consider is to attend a 'skate weekend' in a major city rather than a race. These are typically F-S-Sunday affairs. One has to be comfortable with urban/group skating. The point isn't to go the fastest, but to enjoy the social aspects and experience.

For more info..

SkateDC Weekend will be from May 2nd through May 5th.

NYC is 1st weekend in August

SkateBoston often last weekend in August

There's also a Miami weekend in Feb.

Not sure if Philly or Pittsburgh are still hosting weekends.


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I’m on the Nordic skate list and read your post about inline skating.
Wonder if you might be willing to communicate with me about this as I’m interested in trying an event this year.
Mike Hall
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Jane Alsofrom

Mar 6, 2024, 2:48:09 PMMar 6
to Tom Keane, Michael Hall, Robert O'Brien, VTNordicskating
I am interested in joining a group of inline skaters in Chittenden county. Are there any organized skates? I would love to train for an event.
Jane Alsofrom

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