[ANNOUNCE] Vala Toys for gEdit 0.4.0

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Andrea Del Signore

Feb 21, 2009, 5:21:08 AM2/21/09
to vtg...@googlegroups.com
After two maintenance releases the new vtg 0.4.0 is ready:

Vala Toys for gEdit - "We have a new wheel!"

The source tarball can be downloaded here:


This version supports the new valac 0.5.7.

NEWS for version 0.4.0

* Rewritten the autotool backend in vala and dropped the gnome-build
* New auto-bookmark feature: now you can go to a file and immediately go back
with ALT-LEFT. Bookmarks are automatically stored when you leave a source tab.
* Improved the build result pane with the possibility to filter out warnings and
* Now is safe to use vtg with multiple gEdit windows.
* Improved vsc-shell and now it can be really used by third party developers (Levi Bard).
* Lot of fixes in the completion engine.
* Many other bugs fixed

Vala Toys for gEdit

Vala Toys for gEdit is an experimental collection of plugins that
extends the gEdit editor to make it a better developer editor.

Vtg tries to make less compromises as possible so, for now, its scope is
narrowed only to support the Vala programming language.

Vtg is written in Vala itself and it is currently composed of just one
plugin with four modules and it adds to gEdit:

* Bracket completion
* Symbol completion
* Project Manager - based on the gnome build framework library
* Project build / execute

For more information see:




Detailed changelog from 0.3.2 version to version 0.4.0

New features:
16: Bracket completion and current selection
49: Sort the warning / error messages
50: Filter warnings out from the build result pane
52: Automatic source navigation history

Bugs fixed:
25: Sometimes the method definitions are duplicated in the completion list
26: Static methods
28: Completion inside try / catch block doesn't work
29: Error domains are not included in the completion list
30: Completion inside constructors / destructors doesn't work
31: Completion inside properties doesn't work well
32: Installing vtg with vala in a non standard location like /opt/local cause a SEGFAULT
33: Vtg doesn't initialize gnome-vfs library
34: Completion inside method invocation doesn't work
36: Completion inside and if (..) statement doesn't work
37: Ctrl+ENTER doesn't hide the calltip
39: [PATCH] Add get-namespaces to vsc-shell
40: using another instance of gedit crashes the instance using vtg
43: [PATCH] Expand vsc-shell output format
44: [PATCH] Expose creation methods in vsc-shell output
46: Crash during a normal completion
47: [PATCH] Get visible symbols from a given context.
48: Crash when vtg is trying to get the method signature

The Vtg developer

Andrea Del Signore

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