NRT AIA synoptic images back in VSO

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Joe Hourcle

Mar 21, 2011, 5:51:58 PM3/21/11

You might start seeing AIA near real time 1024x1024 images showing up
today in searches.

I've set it up so that they'll only show up for searches when they're
within 7 days old, so we don't end up getting duplication once the fully
processed images are available.

You'll also notice that 'sampled' and 'time near' searches are now a
little bit different than how we had previously handled AIA searching --
if you don't specify a wavelength, it'll try to return one from each
wavelength, if it's available for that given time step.

(I just need to work out a little quirk ... if you're trying to get the
latest images, it'll only return the ones that match the latest time-step
available, which might not contain all of the images yet)


I'd also be interested in how people would like us to handle retrieval of
the images ... should we return the better processed images once we
determine that they're available? And if so, would you still expect them
to be 1024x1024 images, or should we return 4k images?


Joe Hourcle
Solar Data Analysis Center
Goddard Space Flight Center

William Thompson

Mar 22, 2011, 11:23:31 AM3/22/11
to,, Joe Hourcle

I just realized that this recent change is quite different from the way the
software used to work. If I enter the command


I get two results:

IDL> hprint,
AIA level 1.5 NRT, 1024x1024
AIA level 1, 4096x4096

In other words, the 1024x1024 quicklook image is first, and the full resolution
level 1 file follows after that. This is exactly the opposite of how the
software used to work. My program always takes the first image found, with the
philosophy is that it will take the full-resolution image if available, with the
quicklook version as a fall back.

Any chance of changing the search order to return the previous behavior?
Otherwise, would you suggest that I work my way through the responses in reverse


William Thompson
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Code 671
Greenbelt, MD 20771


Joseph B. Gurman

Mar 22, 2011, 12:26:05 PM3/22/11
to,, Joe Hourcle
Bill -

Try using

pixel = 1024

in your keyword list.


Joe G.

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