Camera calibration values from one project to another

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Akseli Tolvi

Jan 17, 2020, 7:13:20 AM1/17/20
to VisualSFM
Hi everyone!

I'm new to Visual SfM but the software is very impressing!

I've used Agisoft Metashape earlier, and with it also the Agisoft Lens -package to use fixed calibration parameters (from a calibration image series) to other photogrammetry projects made with the same camera+lens -set, with the same focal length, focus and aperture. I would like to do this also with Visual SfM, using the "Set fixed calibration" -option.

My problem is, that I don't find the parameters which Visual SfM calculates from the calibration images. In ...\calibration.nvm.cmvs\00\cameras_v2.txt file in the project folder I find the calibration parameters for each single image, but is there a possibility to find out the fx, fy, cx, cy and r for the whole project (in this case the calibration one) and import them to another project with the "Set fixed calibration"?

Thanks in advantage for your support =)
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