Clarification of the Table 2 and 3 in Lab 3

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Xiao-Long Wu

Aug 6, 2010, 12:36:53 PM8/6/10
Hi all,

Here is the clarification of the Table 2 and 3 in Lab 3 from the lab designers, Nasser Anssari and Nady Obeid.

A bin capacity of 112 was deliberately chosen to give a "memory allocation error". As mentioned in one of the replies, the size of the bin array in this case exceeds the size of the memory available to a GPU on the AC cluster nodes. This was supposed to shed some light on the limitation of the binning approach of Lab2b, as far as its memory requirements are concerned, when used with non-uniform data. An explicit note should probably be added in the manual to acknowledge the error in this case.

As you may have seen already, Part 2 of the lab starts with using a bin capacity of 80 and goes all the way up to 176 without any memory allocation errors. This is one advantage of the second approach.

Sorry for making a wrong explanation.


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