Advanced parboil summary (for hackers and system porters)

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John Stratton

Aug 5, 2010, 12:54:23 PM8/5/10
If the labs already work for you, and you're doing everything you want to, ignore this email. 

For the feature exploiters and system porters that haven't figured it out already, let me just quickly lay out how the parboil system works. 

common/src contains library code used in all benchmarks, primarily for things like specifying input/output succinctly and timing execution runs.  The makefile of that directory is for building those libraries, which are placed in common/lib after compilation. 

common/platforms holds all of the general build information for different architectures/systems of execution.  The ones important for the CUDA labs are primarily, which contains rules and definitions applied to every CUDA application run through the parboil system. 

The individual makefiles of the labs primarily include the common rules for the system and platform, and define the relevant objects to be built according to those rules, and specify any additional parameters with EXTRA_ whatever you need (look in the common makefiles for specific names for specific categories). 

Most of the serious hackers probably figured that out already, but anyone else who wants to do a bit more but is struggling, I hope that helps. 


John Stratton
507 W Green St Apt 10
Champaign, IL 61820
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