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Welcome to VPT forum where you can ask questions related to the Video Projection Tools (VPT) software.

VPT 8 was released mid May 2018.
The development stopped with VPT8, so there is no guarantee that it will work on newer OS and hardware. Also I don´t have time to provide support, so this forum is dependent on users helping each other out. It is after all a FREE software.

VPT can be downloaded from http://hcgilje.wordpress.com/vpt/

Before reporting a problem to the VPT forum have a look in the online manual first, especially read the section on how to launch VPT and open project files. There is also a tutorial video available.

If the online manual doesn´t resolve your problem follow these steps when posting:

1.Which operating system and which version of VPT are you using?

2.Describe what you expected to happen, what you did to get there and what actually happened (or not).

3.Take screenshots (mac: shift+cmd+3, win: Windows + PrtScn)

4. ALWAYS include the contents of the max/message window. You find it either in the windows menu at the top or shift+cmd+m on mac, shift+ctrl+m on windows.