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Feb 23, 2024, 4:28:16 PMFeb 23
to No Big Tech Money Project,,
Attached is my signed pledge. I have no fundraiser, so this pledge is not applicable, but I am signing for the public's knowledge. 

Dr. Henny Kupferstein (she/her)

Save a penny, Vote Henny ! 
Assembly 77 2024 
Coastal San Diego, Candidate

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On Tue, Feb 13, 2024 at 5:00 PM No Big Tech Money Project <> wrote:

Hello Kupferstein campaign,

My name is Katelyn and I'm an organizer with the new bipartisan No Big Tech Money project. I am writing today to ask your campaign to take the No Big Tech Money pledge.

The pledge specifies that you will not accept any contributions over $200 from the corporate PAC’s, lobbyists, or executives at Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft. These companies have used their monopoly power to stifle competition, destroy small businesses, and hurt everyday Americans. Taking the pledge is taking a stand against Big Tech's influence in our democracy.

When and if you’re ready to sign the pledge, please complete the following 2 steps to make it official:

  1. Fill out the pledge submission form by clicking here.

  2. Verify your pledge by either sending us a link that features the pledge language on your official social media account or website OR respond to this email with a photo of the candidate signing a copy of the pledge. A printable version can be found here.

If you have any questions about the pledge or process, please check out our FAQ or reply to this email.
So far, over 40 candidates and electeds have signed on. We would love to have your campaign on board!

Thank you,

No Big Tech Money Project

Katelyn Coghlan

Feb 26, 2024, 8:53:43 PMFeb 26
Dr. Kupferstein,

Thank you so much for your leadership on this issue!

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