Kill the Blue Envelope - AB-2002

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Henny Kupferstein

Jan 31, 2024, 12:38:41 PMJan 31
Attn San Diego County Sheriff's Department:

I called your media relations number on your website, but "Gabby" said that her job is to redirect people to your website. I am inquiring about the purpose of AB-2002 Vehicles: public safety: Blue Envelope Program, introduced by Sanchez.

Your program does not reflect what autistic people have asked for. It may reflect what your stakeholders decided in a meeting about us, without us. We have experience with opposing legislation for programs that promote using autism as an excuse for illegal behavior. We killed bills in New York and other states.

Please reply with a time to discuss. 


Henny Kupferstein, Ph.D.  &  Doogri Institute
Qualified expert on informed consent for nonspeaking, ASL, and AAC users 
📌 Author of the AGP Model



Feb 22, 2024, 4:26:35 PMFeb 22
Do you know 1 autistic person? If yes, please add your signature to show Republican Assemblywoman Sanchez that no, San Diego Sheriff's "Blue Envelope" was not developed to protect DD/ID drivers, but to defend themself against hate crimes. I If you care about driving privileges for disabled people who follow traffic rules, and are worried that more people will be shot if there is a miscommunication when pulled over, then please add your name. Enough with the profiling and the 'officer not guilty"-ness.

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Henny Kupferstein pictured outside New York Senator's office to gain a Senate sponsor for the "Communication Support" initiative that she authored.

on March 5, #VOTEHENNY
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