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Aug 4, 2009, 10:35:41 AM8/4/09
to Voo2do Tips, Tricks, and Ideas
Hi there, I have just started using Voo2do in my quest for the perfect
task list. I like the fact that you can divide into project and then
tasks within that project. I could do with the option to extend the
task field widthways and if necessary lose the elapse time etc so i
can view longer titles. Haven't sussed out how to allocate tasks to
people but it looks like it is covered, maybe a user guide? Also I
need to be able to email myself a list of all outstanding tasks from
time to time and not sure if that is covered yet?

Good luck.

Sabrael Carroll

Aug 22, 2009, 1:49:57 PM8/22/09
to Voo2do Tips, Tricks, and Ideas
The e-mailing of outstanding tasks is not present, but I agree, it
could be useful. Maybe every time a task goes Overdue, an e-mail

As for assigning tasks to people, you do so under Collaboration tab.
You can set public TODOs, or add named of Collaborators much like you
would add projects, and set tasks under them. So far, there is no way
to flat add a Collaborator to an existing task, but I found a not-so-
annoying work around. Simply add a collaborator, make a dummy task,
and f you go to the Tasks tab, a new "person" column will appear. Feel
free to type in the names of the Collaborators, and when your done,
kill the dummy task.

Sadly, the "person" column does not appear on the Projects, Deadlines
or History page, which I would like to address. I've forgotten who I
assigned to what, and clicking around to find out who is less than

Daniel Lewis

Sep 9, 2014, 3:21:33 PM9/9/14
Hello, I have just started using Voo2do like you. Maybe i have no clear idea about this but I can do with the option to extend the task field.

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