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Welcome to the place to learn about volunteering for FIRST in Northern California.   Playing At Learning directly manages 3 of the 4 FIRST programs : JrFLL, FLL and FTC.  We also will pass along volunteer opportunities for FRC that we hear about them, particularly the off-season competitions.

This is a low volume announcements-only type of group.  

Thanks for your interest in volunteering!   Each year, Playing At Learning engages more than 2,000 volunteers in a variety of tournament roles.   And we need more volunteers like you each year since our programs are growing 10 to 15 percent annually  (and sometimes even more).

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To sign up to volunteer for JrFLL, FLL or FTC official tournaments,  we are required to use the FIRST VIMS system which includes a background screen for all volunteers and the requirement that you apply into a specific role at a specific event.   

Thanks again and hope to see you soon at an upcoming tournament  - Jill