Impact of adopting volere on the organization.

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Jan 20, 2009, 9:33:36 PM1/20/09
to Volere Requirements

Ours is a traditional organization with a Business Analyst (BA) on the
Business side and an Systems Analyst (SA) on the IT side. BA is
responsible for completing the Business Requirements Spec and the SA
is responsible for completing the Functional Spec (FS).

The BRS has business use cases which outline the steps in an activity
with alternate flows, etc . FS has system use cases which specify the
user interaction with the system.

If I understand correctly, Volere is agnostic to these two roles.. It
is a requirements process.

Given the background, I had a few questions for this group:

A) Is the Volere requirement spec a business requirements
specification OR it is a requirements specification and includes both
business and system requirements specification.

B) if it includes both types of requirements mentioned in A, then
please highlight the sections of the spec that should be in a BRS vs.
a FS?

C) Is there any other organizational impact of adopting Volere?

Many Thanks for your time.

Suzanne Robertson

Jan 27, 2009, 6:38:40 AM1/27/09
Volere is a process and set of techniques for discovering and communicating
requirements knowledge at all levels. Starting with the Scope of the
Business problem and progressing to Business Use Cases, Product Use Cases,
Atomic Requirements and leading to System Use Cases.

The Volere Requirements Specification Template is a guide for gathering all
of the different requirements knowledge that is germane to your project. You
would not necessarily publish all of the content of the Volere Requirements
Specification Template as one document.

Every organisation packages its requirements knowledge into documents
according to how the organisation works and who does what. The best way to
decide which requirements knowledge should be in which document is to ask
the question: "Who is this document for and what do they need to know in
order to carry out the tasks that are expected of them?"

Given your situation, the most simplistic answer is that Your Business
Requirements Spec contains Sections 1 to 7 from Volere Requirements Template
V13 and your Functional Spec contains Sections 8 to 17. There will be some
variations depending on what your SA's are responsible for and what your
Developers are responsible for - but these are reasonable guidelines.

As for other impacts of adopting Volere. The main one, if it is done well,
is that you use the Volere deliverables and levels to help people who have
different roles to share a common understanding of the requirements.

Read the articles on for more detailed guidance.

Suzanne Robertson
Principal of The Atlantic Systems Guild <> <>

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