Issue 107 in void-impl: Reconciliation endpoints for Google/Open Refine

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Nov 16, 2012, 8:08:57 AM11/16/12
Status: Accepted
Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Medium Product-vocab

New issue 107 by Reconciliation endpoints for
Google/Open Refine

See for
Leigh Dodds' proposal.


- It's not useful unless it specifies the exact API to be used for
- If we specify that the Refine API is to be used, then
void:reconciliationEndpoint is not a good term, as it “uses up” the generic
term and would make things awkward if a different reconciliation API
becomes popular in the future
- Google Refine is now Open Refine: ... Still
a bit in transition
- DCAT has a dcat:WebService class that could be subclassed for this. That
seems somewhat appropriate, as reconciliation isn't limited to RDF
datasets, and VoID is about RDF datasets while DCAT is about datasets in
any format.
- From a spec development standpoint, making a W3C spec (even if just a
Note) dependent on a somewhat poorly documented vendor API seems not
optimal. (This doesn't mean it wouldn't be useful!)
- This seems to be the kind of property that, in an ideal world, the
technology provider (Refine dev team) would define themselves

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