How to learn programming VoiceAttack?

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Alpheus Creswell

May 26, 2016, 7:56:36 PM5/26/16
to VoiceAttack
I just started messing with VoiceAttack and I made some profiles that do simple key presses and play sound or tts.

I just don't know how to program. I want to learn. I don't see any information on the topic anywhere. I've tried looking at the A.N.N.A. for star citizen and I just dont get it.. I dont know.. what interger or boolean..initializing..state aware profile..  or any of these other references.. I think I figured out keybinding.. like what is used in the Orion pack. How can I learn to script with VoiceAttack and make something awesome? Been beating my head on this for a couple nights and I just dont get how it works.

Luca D

May 27, 2016, 2:07:48 AM5/27/16
to VoiceAttack
There's not a particular recipe or shortcut to learn it, you may treat it just as a mini-programming language with IFs, LOOPs and GO TOs, so a general familiarity with those is what you need.

For example, a beginner tutorial on programming in general, or on some BASIC like language, would probably come handy in giving you some nuts and bolts, and introduce you to the logic related to controlling a flow of actions
One, picked up at random, that seems a decent enough starting point could be this one here

Don't forget to follow the new official forum on, you'll find more organized sections including those dedicated to profile editing and such
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