1.5.8 Dictation Picking up 'something' at the beginning of every statement

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May 5, 2016, 8:13:20 PM5/5/16
to VoiceAttack
Every sentence I dictate to Voice attack using StartDictationMode(Clearing Dictation Buffer)
ends up having one of the following words at the beginning of the statement:
      will, when, one, if, the, but
With "will" being the most common. I have added the words to the Recognition prefix exclusions,
but they all seem to get through 100% of the time. Is it possible to make dictation just drop
the first word no matter what? I'd rather a missing word cause confusion than a stray word
(particularly Will which can be construed as a proper name).
Short term work around ideas appreciated.

BTW, dead quiet room, quality headset with mic boom at correct position. Windows speech training
run 4 times (both sessions). I enunciate quite well.

Using for in-game hands free comms, so it doesn't have to be perfect, just "will" is crushing
it's relative value as there is a Will in my team.

Best regards,


May 5, 2016, 11:58:23 PM5/5/16
to VoiceAttack
Hi, there.  It looks like your mic may be too hot (volume up too high) or there may be a lot of noise either ambient (in your room) or line (from your computer to your headset).  It could also be possible that your mic is located too close to your mouth (I do that a lot).  

The recognition prefix exclusions are there for recognizing commands only and are not for dictation.  Removing words from dictation would probably end up being frustrating ;)

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