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Eric Smith

Jun 6, 2014, 1:20:03 PM6/6/14
to vnat...@googlegroups.com
Is there a way to quickly/easily add an Electronic Calibration Kit (E-Cal) into VNA Tools?

The E-Cal has multiple different impedance states built into it. In the Database -> Calibration Standards tab there is the option to input Loads, Opens, Shorts, Thrus, etc... and Database Standards.

If I wanted to compute the uncertainties from a VNA error corrected with an E-Cal, what would be the best way to go about this? Is there an easy way built into VNA Tools to handle this? Or, is there any plan to add this in the future?

Juerg Ruefenacht

Jun 8, 2014, 4:25:14 PM6/8/14
to vnat...@googlegroups.com

We at METAS are using the following process to implement a new E-Cal unit to the VNA Tools II calibration standard database:

1) Calibrate the VNA using a mechanical calibration kit with known standard definitions and uncertainties (Agilent Model Standard or Databased Standard).

2) Characterize the E-Cal unit by measuring each impedance state. This can be done in the Measurement Journal using in the Add Measurement, Measurement Series file dialog. Mode: Ecal

This will result in error corrected data of each E-Cal impedance state including the uncertainties and the correlation information.

3) Use the ‘New Database Standard Wizard’ to add each impedance state of the previously characterized E-Cal unit as databased standard in the VNA Tools II calibration standard database.

Now you can use your characterized E-Cal unit like any other calibration kit.

Select the optimization calibration if you want to use an over-determined calibration using all impedance states of the E-Cal unit.

For N-port calibrations: For an insertable measurement setup we do measure the direct thru connection (mating the test port connectors directly together) without using the E-Cal unit. For an non-insertable measurement setup we will measure the E-Cal thru state and then define this Thru measurement as Unknown Thru in the Calibration Config, Definition path.

Wojciech Lejkowski

May 9, 2023, 5:42:28 AM5/9/23
to VNA Tools
I'm having trouble understanding how to calibrate using Ecall. I do it as follows.
My patterns:
  • PNA Keysight N5225B
  • Ecall N4432A
  • Mechanical kit 85054D
1. Performs measurements using a mechanical calibration set. Then in Measurement Journal I click Measurement Series:
  • Mode: ECU
  • VNA Setup Sx,x Ports 1,2
  • ECU Path: A, B, AB
  • Driver: AgilentECalOverPNA
  • Resource: GPIB address of PNA (Ecal connected via USB to PNA)
  • Director -> Folder for measurement
  • Name -> example name
2. METAS detect my ECU module, it show correct serial number, when i Click OK then Metas do 10 measurement, A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, AB1, AB2.

Are the above steps correct?

Next when i want to add ecal as a standard, what type of standard i should choose? It should be Agilent Model Standard or Database Standard?

Michael Wollensack METAS

May 12, 2023, 2:22:39 AM5/12/23
to VNA Tools

> Are the above steps correct?


> It should be Agilent Model Standard or Database Standard?

You need to characterize your ECU using an mechanical calibration kit. Then you can measure all states of your ECU (as you described above).
Then you can generate database standards using the error corrected data of your ECU states.

After that then you can calibrate using your ECU.

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