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Charlie Peppler

Jul 23, 2020, 11:03:39 PM7/23/20
to vmx-pi
I am having trouble pulling data from a quadrature encoder (attached to this Pololu motor --> https://www.pololu.com/product/4757

I am trying to collect input from the encoder from the first of the FlexDIO connectors as such:

From the documentation, I understood these to be addressed from the wpilib Encoder class
as such:
And then initialize the Encoder like this:

The problem is, the way I read the docs under Quadrature Encoder
Addressing, it the Encoder is addressed as 0,1 (A,B) (As Digital Inputs?)
but I appear to be getting a conflict/overlap with the PWM ports 0,1

Which address should I be using?  Should it be the Flex DIO ports 0,1
or the PWM ports (although it says output only) 10 and 11?

I'm confused about how to correctly address the A&B inputs for the 
Quadrature encoder.

Do I need to make some sort of WPILIB function call to let VMX-PI 
HAL know what I'm doing with the FlexDIO ports?

Thanks for any guidance. You can provide.



Jul 24, 2020, 12:51:07 AM7/24/20
to vmx-pi
I actually have encoder code on the link I just reposted (for the Pixy code) as well. 
Here is a snippet...

public class Robot extends TimedRobot {  
private final Encoder leftEncoder = new Encoder(leftEncPortA, leftEncPortB); 
public void robotPeriodic() {
leftSpeed = leftEncoder.getRate();
SmartDashboard.putNumber("Left Speed", leftSpeed);  
//Sorry, I have no idea how to do code formatting in Google Groups

I am using the same pins you are for the left encoder and am using High current DIO for the motor (PWM0).  The full code is here.  I also have a distance (I did not do any calibration so the units are not really inches, but encoder ticks) PID working here.

I am using vex encoders on this robot, but I also got the built-in encoders working with this base (working is a relative term, they are incredibly noisy and unreliable). This is not that great of an option (unless you want a really nice small robot platform. For the Vex Encoder, I made a cable by using a typical PWM Y cable, and cutting the ends off, and changing the one end to a 4 pin Molex which splits the power and ground line. Then I cut off the spliced signal line from one side and added the other signal line before putting 3pin Molex (or dupont, I forget which, and they are tucked in the belly of the drive base now) connectors on the two pigtails.
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Jul 24, 2020, 1:07:31 AM7/24/20
to vmx-pi
Sorry, I just noticed I forgot the port numbers.  Here are those lines.

private static final int leftEncPortA = 0;
private static final int leftEncPortB = 1;

As you can see, it looks as if they are implemented the same (though I am not using the command framework (or a  robot Map class).  

PPS. By "This is not a great option..." I meant that mecanum kit. It has horrible motors, but okay wheels. I am not familiar with the Polulu encoders, but they are similar to the mecanum kit motors. I wonder, if you commented out the servo code, do the encoders work as expected (They should regardless, the code looks good to me, but I could be missing something).

One more thought, is the logic level jumper set correctly? I cannot find whether the encoders are 3.3 or 5v logic level (I assume 5), but I bet that could be a problem if it is in the wrong configuration.  
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