VMware View Open Client 4.5.0 Beta 1.1 Now Available

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jacob berkman

Jun 3, 2010, 12:56:30 PM6/3/10
to vmware-view-open-client

I'm excited to announce the availability of VMware View Open Client
4.5.0 Beta 1.1!

For this release, we're trying a new approach. Up until now, we've
been concentrating on issues brought up by QA. We've addressed most
of these, and for the rest of the release cycle we'll be focusing on
issues reported to our Google Code project. Towards that end, we
believe we've fixed the focus problems with compiz, but please let us
know if this is not the case.

Unfortunately, it's too late in the release cycle for feature
additions or changes, and we're still unable to make the USB, PCoIP,
or MMR components available to Open Client users. If these are
important components/features for you, I suggest contacting VMware
sales and asking for these features.

We've fixed a lot of bugs in this release; here is a short summary:

* Linux/Mac: Cancelling a desktop connection occasionally resulted
in a crash (bz 531542, 533865)
* Linux/Mac: Pass the connection id over stdin rather than the
command linux (bz 559189)
* Linux/Mac: Updated help and translations
* Linux: Add missing command line options to --help display (bz 544920)
* Linux: Allow Ctrl-Alt-Del dialog to be closed via WM decorations
(bz 526915)
* Linux: Certain command-line options could lead to a seg fault (bz 533959)
* Linux: Command-line options parsing correctly catches invalid
options (bz 537628)
* Linux: Don't prompt for a pin if smart card is locked (bz 518391)
* Linux: Exit gracefully on SIGTERM (bz 532201)
* Linux: Ignore monitors with 0x0 dimensions when doing multimon
calculations (bz 545397)
* Linux: Keyboard focus sometimes stays in VDI even when another
application is focused, on multiple monitor setup (bz 387267, gc 57)
* Linux: Occasionally a failed assertion is triggered when a
desktop session exits abnormally and the user attempts to reconnect
(bz 532180)
* Linux: Occasionally the "insert smart card" screen would be
shown when it should not have been (bz 538392)
* Linux: Occasionally the connect button would be enabled even if
the address was invalid (bz 526885, 538413)
* Linux: Smart card dialog's PIN label mnemonic did not work (bz 538408)
* Linux: Terminal USB client when canceling a desktop connection (bz 547300)
* Linux: Unable to change password if required (bz 546031)
* Mac: An empty password could trigger a crash (bz 557807)
* Mac: Canceling a connection could lead to crash (bz 545579)
* Mac: Desktops and messages with non-ASCII characters may not
display correctly (bz 536681)
* Mac: Do not display "0x0" as a custom desktop size (bz 531956)
* Mac: If the username had non-ASCII characters, the user is
prompted for credentials when starting an RDC session (bz 541631)
* Mac: Log-in window posistion is remembered across invocations (bz 538442)
* Mac: Refresh desktop list after reset/log out (bz 533820)
* Mac: Wait for user confirmation when password is found in
keychain (bz 546031)

This list is available on our wiki:


Packages for 32-bit and 64-bit RPM and Debian-based distributions, a
Mac OS X Disk image, as well as binary and source tarballs, can be
downloaded from our project site:


Please report any issues you find to:


- Your Open Client Team.

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