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announcing file services from non-DEC machines

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Andrew Tridgell

Jan 10, 1992, 4:13:23 AM1/10/92
For all those of you who have pathworks for DOS (TCP/IP) but want to
be able to use file services from servers other than DecStations and
VAXes this may be a solution for you.

I finally got sick of not being able to access my Sun's disk using
Pathworks and have now written a server which will compile and run on
many unix boxes. I have tested it on a Sun Sparcstation, and have
compiled but not properly tested it on a RS6000 and a Sequent symmentry.
With this server installed I can now mount file services from my Sun and
have them function just like those mounted from a decstation. No
software changes are required at the PC end.

If anyone is interested in getting a copy of the code they should send
mail to me at "" and I will send them a
uuencoded copy of the source. I should warn that this should be regarded
as version 0.5, as there are some minor problems that remain to be

The program is written in C, and will compile with the standard Ultrix,
SunOS, AIX or DYNIX compilers. The code is only sparsely commented and
the protocol that it implements is an absolute nightmare so if you want
to make changes then good luck!

Note that I wrote the server without reference to any source of the dec
server, and without disassembling the server and without any inside
information so I presume that nobodys rights have been infringed.



Andrew Tridgell CSLab, Research School of Physical Sciences Australian National University (x2454)

Jim Katz

Jan 13, 1992, 9:38:17 PM1/13/92
I'm game. We have SPARC, AIX, HPUX (for the truly adventurous), and ULTRIX
boxen here, and run DECNet 4.0. Please do send us your package.

"Don't tell me. File a bug report.

| Jim Katz (617) 890-1100 x 7455
| Information Resources Inc.
| 200 Fifth Ave. (or)
| Waltham Mass 02154
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