Linux Meltdown Patches and different DTB values

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Benjamin Taubmann

May 16, 2018, 3:54:26 AM5/16/18
to vmitools

We had some issues with the function vmi_dtb_to_pid and tracing userspace Linux applications.

What we need to do is to find the PID whenever a userspace breakpoint is reached. 
However, on systems with meltdown patches the vmi_dtb_to_pid function does not work when we just use the content of the CR3 register for the translation.

As a possible fix I implemented the following solution:

vmi_get_vcpureg(vmi, &dtb, CR3, 0);
dtb &= ~0x1fff;

It sets the PCID (lowest 12 bits of the CR3 registers) [1] of the CR3 register to zero to get the kernel space page table of the process.
I am setting currently 13 bits to zero and I am not really sure if this is correct but it works for me so far.

Should this maybe be included in the vmi_dtb_to_pid function?


Tamas K Lengyel

May 16, 2018, 9:55:52 AM5/16/18
Yes, please feel free to open a PR with the fix.


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