LibVMI on ARM32

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Feb 21, 2019, 12:19:15 AM2/21/19
to vmitools
I am trying to get LibVMI working on Cubietruck (armv7). I have Xen 4.11 installed and a Debian Linux (4.17.0-rc2) domU running. My goal is to able to listen to the system calls from the guest. I have worked with getting the traces of the system calls from a Windows guest (x86 and x64). I understand it involves with 2 steps, 1) Finding the addresses of the syscalls, and 2) Breakpoint injection.Step 1 was relatively easy as I can get most of the information from a rekall profile, however I have problem testing Step 2.

Basing my testing code interrupt-event-example.c, I modified it to call SETUP_PRIVCALL_EVENT(&interrupt_event, privcall_cb), then call vmi_register_event(vmi, &interrupt_event), which returned VMI_SUCCESS. However when I tried to trigger an interrupt on gdb in domU, I received no event with my privcall_cb.

Is my understanding of interrupt wrong in the context of ARM32?

Tamas K Lengyel

Feb 21, 2019, 7:52:33 AM2/21/19
PRIVCALL traps SMC instructions, not breakpoints. So using gdb in the
guest will not trap into the hypervisor.

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