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Yves Hanoulle

Sep 10, 2012, 5:44:09 AM9/10/12
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As I started this group, let me start by introducing myself.

- Who you are? 

I'm Yves Hanoulle. These days I call myself a creative collaboration agent.

About 3 months ago, I married Els, with who I have been 16 years together, and together we have 3 wonderful kids.

They all joined me at ALE2012 where we all had fun learning.

For personal reasons I am limiting my time joining conferences, so I launch a lot of online collaborations projects, that allow me to interact with our community so that we can learn by doing.

- How did you discover visual management? 

I have been visualizing problems for a long time. I heard the name Visual management first from Xavier Quesada. 

before I used names like Big Visual charts or Information radiators. (Coming from Ron Jeffries and Alistair Cockburn)

- What things in your personal life have changed because of a visualisation?

When I went to live in Bordeaux with my family, my then 8 year old had to do Belgium homework (so he could return to his Belgium school after our adventure) 

One day Els came to me and said, we are not going to make it. 

So I asked Joppe to count all the pages he still had to do. And then asked him to divide that by the number of days left.

The result was something like 7 pages a day.

At that time Joppe was doing 7 pages on a Wednesday (a free day in France) but only 1 or 2 on other days.

I helped him create a burn down chart. And by the time we went home, he had made all his homework...

(Full story can be read on my blog: http://www.hanoulle.be/2010/07/agile-with-kids/)

- How easy was it for you

I was sure that visualization could help raising my kids, yet I was looking for ways that felt normal and not "daddies going to bring his work home".

I haven't taken the next step: (asking them how to visualize a problem)

- What problem you currently have that you want to visualize...

At a current client, they want to standardize everything, without looking at the problem they are solving.

I am looking to make visible that they kill innovation and loose time on things that do not always add value.

(or make visible, when it adds value and when not.

and anything you like to add .. ;-)
You can also read my answers to the who is questions: http://www.hanoulle.be/2011/11/who-is-yves-hanoulle/

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