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Kevin Trethewey

Sep 11, 2012, 8:08:45 AM9/11/12
I mentioned in my previous mail that I had my accountant draw me pictures. As per Yves request, here is the drawing that she drew for me (financial info blacked out, and not including the accompanying excel document). 

I'm really bad at understanding spreadsheets because I don't have a useful model in my head of how to parse them - and accountants don't always structure them in a way that is logical to me. Including the simple diagram showed me the flow and I was able to understand and work with the spreadsheet. It definitely helped - sort of made it turing-complete for my brain.

Basically I asked her to do a projection of what would be involved if we wanted to keep enough cash reserves aside to pay two months worth of salaries.

I am not sure if this is directly useful to anyone, but it is certainly something I will be using more in the future.


On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 3:34 PM, Yves Hanoulle <> wrote:

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your introduction.

I love the idea of visualization of your accountancy.

I would be really in seeing a version of these drawing (without numbers )

This kind of ideas is why I started this mailing list.
Agh, lovely to be around so many creative people. 

the ego generated my initial response that  after +10 years of leading my company I would not need these picture.
My second reaction is: that is why it's even more important to see them and 
Learn what is my the box I am in .

I can't see the a3 on my phone, I will look at it later .

It sound very interesting.

Thank you for razing the bar.


Scrambled by my Yphone

Op 10-sep.-2012 om 15:22 heeft Kevin Trethewey <> het volgende geschreven:

Hi Group

I'm a software development coach based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I'm also the founder of a small consultancy (6 people) that specialises in assisting companies and development teams to understand and create better software, using Agile and Lean principles and concepts such as software craftsmanship etc.

I've learned the power of visualisation over the past few years, at both a personal and team level. Most recently I realised that by asking my accountant to draw pictures I finally understood what she has been going on about all this time :D

As our company (Driven Software) grows (3 people in the last 3 months, targeting a size of ±10), I am trying to practice what we preach and build the company around the same values that we teach our clients. With this in mind we have a strategy day coming up where we would like each person in the company to present something on their personal goals, their vision of the company and where they see things going from here.

I've created an A3 page (attached) that I plan to print out and give to each person with a pack of crayons/coloured pencils for them to fill out and present back to the group on the day.

I would appreciate any feedback on the layout/ideas - I think this ties in nicely with what this group has been formed around, unless I am missing something?

Essentially the problem is how do you use visualisation to develop company strategy.

Kind Regards
Kevin Trethewey
Driven Software, South Africa

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<DrivenPersonalStrategyA3 (1).pdf>

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Yves Hanoulle

Sep 11, 2012, 8:11:27 AM9/11/12
thank you for sharing


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