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Andrea Chiou

Sep 27, 2012, 7:19:31 AM9/27/12
I probably did get the invite email, but somehow overlooked it.  While doing editing work on who is agile, I saw the new link to this group and had to come check it out.
After working 20 some odd years in somewhat traditional large scale gov't IT projects, I went to Jerry Weinberg's AYE conferencein 2010. Of course, reading his books prior to that gave me lots of new images, metaphors and other mental visualizations of the way things work. The conference added to that with lots of exercises using postits, life story maps, organization drawings and more.  I loved this so much, that I went again a year later - and met Yves there, who got me involved in Who Is agile. In turn, that got me involved in so much more - Core Protocols, community activities, coaching, twitter, Clean Language (which is another way of creating (inner) visualizations with words/metaphors).
Interestingly, the first post in my new blog earlier this year did mention as one of my goals - getting better at visualizing problems. To that end I read the Back of the Napkin book - but haven't practiced it a whole lot.
Siraj Sirajuddin coached me this year. He also got me more involved (through his retreats) in the use of 'Influence Maps' - drawings of your life influences - as a way of self-discovery, self-disclosure - to others, and exploration of blocks. Other visualizations done at the retreat are Personal Vision and Shared Vision maps - I've seen lots of these and they range from simple timeline descriptions to really abstract images that. They all work, they are all personal. But they do require a 'walk-through' by the author... And, these can be used in the workplace as a way to let people get to know each other more meaningfully. Lots of fun, really.
Referring to what I mentioned about some of the Influence Maps being abstract, this brings up the question - should all visualizations (at work) be self-explanatory? Or is there some value to having someone look at it and be stumped - prompting them to wonder about the meaning? (no clue about my thoughts on this, though I'm guessing most would say - yeah its supposed to help you 'get' the current state - so it should be a quick glance easy to understand image of what's happening).
As  far as visualizations in the workplace, I am about to start working again - in an org aspiring to become agile (actually, they would say, asprining to 'do agile' - so already there, I have a challenge). This will be my first real gig where I have the lee-way to bring in ideas and try them out - and visualization will be high on my list to jump start the process. Also, this will be my first agile transformation project.
I'm glad this group exists. I'll be looking here for help, when I need it. 
Thanks Yves!!!
(P.S. oh yeah, I was editing, and got side-tracked, better go back to that, oops. That always happens with Who Is agile links)

Yves Hanoulle

Sep 27, 2012, 7:30:49 AM9/27/12
Hi Andrea

Nice to see you here.
I don't remember anymore if I invited you.
Might just as well have forgotten you, just like so many other smart people.

Andrea, you are really modest here. Without you, who is agile, would not be even close to what it is now.
You keeps saying you are new to agile, but you has been one of the fastest learners I have ever met. 
I mention one idea and next week you blog about how you introduced it in your life...

Now you are here, we can even learn faster how to visualize the work for who is agile...

About the links,yeah I think they are a real disctracter, we should take all 3000 links out the book..

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2012/9/27 Andrea Chiou <>

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Andrea Chiou

Sep 27, 2012, 10:26:24 AM9/27/12


Wow, I didn't mean in a bad way distracting.   They are a diversion, a path you take by choice in an exploratory mood....and they have sometimes led me on great journeys.

Maybe there are a few too many, but no don't take them out!!! 


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