visone 2.24 released

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Müller Julian

Sep 1, 2022, 4:57:15 AMSep 1
Dear all,

visone 2.24 is available for download on the website:

This release contains many improvements, bug fixes and also a small number of new features. The main changes are:
- attribute manager: fixed a number of bugs in the "select" tab
- extensions: modernized extension mechanism
- io: major improvements to GML reading and writing, especially importing/exporting attributes and networks with group nodes
- io: GraphML import/export handles edge direction now more in line with GraphML specification
- io: fonts get embedded correctly in exported PDFs again
- ui: fixed some unintended behavior of the "restrict selection" box
- transformation: added Delaunay triangulation feature
- visualization: fixed crashes in the overlap removal feature when nodes are placed very close to each other
- visualization: fixed exception when computing backbone layouts on networks with loops
- visualization: more options are offered for computing backbone layouts, which previously were only provided under transformation/Simmelian backbone.

Notice: If you use an extension, please make sure to upgrade the extension to the most recent version. visone will no longer find extensions that were created for previous releases.

As another novelty, a visone version specifically for Windows x64 can also be downloaded from the website. It is already bundled with a JDK runtime, so if you download this version, you no longer need to install a Java environment separately.
Because this is the first release of the Windows-specific version, it is marked as experimental for now. However, it is planned that this will become the standard Windows release of visone, so the team would be very happy if Windows users would use it and report to us if they run into problems.

On behalf of the visone team,
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